We are a privately owned company, established in 2007. Our core competence is sales, logistics and business management. We have hands-on experience in wholesale and retail operations, international trading, import and export operations, distribution, FMCG, organization and internal process improvements and optimization, and project management. Our more than 20 years of experience is our biggest asset.  

We are experts in Beverages and FMCG Distribution business who deeply knows the market starting from Brands, Production, Distribution and Retail. We make things happen by solving each issue with an integrated solution based on analysis and working together.

To ensure fast & excelent service, we operate from 2 locations.  
Head office: Our Headquarter is located Riga, Latvia. Riga has a strategic location with advanced and sophisticated logistics solutions provided by the sea port facilities and the biggest Airport hub in Baltics.

Branch: We have established branch office in Estonia - VERTEXA NORDICS OU. This branch in Tallinnis in charge of sourcing, checking the goods sourced from North of Europe and organizing operations with Nordics/Scandinavian suppliers and  European Customers. 
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