We offer modern warehouse facility & full services for convenient and 
fast movement of excise goods from East to West and from North to South.

Developed usage of 3PL Services and Operations
  • Advanced usage of bonded warehouse facilities in Baltics and The Netherlands - main crossing points of our goods flow
  • We operate via bonded warehouses: Loendersloot, TOP Logistics in The Netherlands
  • We operate via bonded warehouses in Baltics: Riga - PLG, Neo Logistics / Tallinn - Via Estonia  / Vilnius - Girteka Terminal LT
  • Licences for Bonded (Customes) - N status (non EC) goods, goods in transit
  • Licences for Authorized (Excise) - alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • All warehouse operations 24/7
  • Transit deliveries
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